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    • August 16, 2013 6:30:41 PM EDT
    • Adult Theatre Sex

      This whole genre of sexual fun has become way, way more popular since the advent of the internet. There are now a number of websites devoted to this subject.


      I remember when I was growing up in Montreal, I used to frequent these sleazy, smelly, pissy porn palaces all the time. I posted this topic because I want to hear more about this subject from our readers. In another thread FanofChad directed me to a thread on the discussion board of Naked World, where there is a very spirited dscussion happening on this place called the Swing Shift Theatre.


      More later 

    • August 16, 2013 8:47:56 PM EDT
    • Adult Theatre Sex

      So, who's been to Swing Shift recently and how did you find it?

    • August 17, 2013 10:54:40 AM EDT
    • Adult Theatre Sex

      Here is an excellent review that someone posted to another section of this site. The original posting comes from naked world a sex web site.

      The SWING SHIFT Theatre 


      Some thoughts on what to expect at your friendly neighbourhood ‘glory hole’… On Family Day, 2010, we finally had the opportunity to check out the establishment thatKinkybicpl (and others...) are referring to - SwingShift on Yonge Street, just north of Major MacKenzie Drive in Richmond Hill, Ontario. As a couple in which the male is very, veryorally 'bi', and the female gets a great deal of pleasure out of watching her guy suck cock and frequently 'sharing' with him, it sounded as though it would be a little piece of paradise. As such, we'd been intending to go there ever since learning of that store's existence several months ago, but we just never seemed to find the time until recently. It's ostensibly an Adult video store, and while it's possible that they rent movies for home viewing, that's likely to be an extremely small part of the business, since at least 90% of their modest film selection is still being offered on VHS cassette (remember those from History class, boys and girls?). No, the true raison d’être for that place is as an Adult theatre/bisexual guy 'playground'. All those filthy movies you see when you walk in are intended for in-store use, to be watched in one of three 'private viewing rooms', located just up a short flight of stairs from the main entrance. The idea is that you select your film, pay 10$ to the friendly staffer on duty, then 'check in' to one of the rooms. We didn't have the opportunity to examine any of the other rooms, but 'Number 1' is roughly 12' x 10', and contains a small, narrow sofa (not really useful for intercourse, unless you move it out from the wall and drape your fuck-buddy over the back of it...), a very comfortable easy chair, a pair of office chairs, a television and VCR. For your convenience, there are also several handy boxes of tissue scattered about. By far though, the most intriguing feature is the 'glory hole', located about 3' off the ground, in the middle of the East wall, and tastefully disguised by a floral arrangement on a pedestal. Once you're comfortably 'settled' into that room and have presumably gotten all 'worked up' and horny by viewing your naughty tape, you can indicate to the world that you're 'open for business' by moving the flowers and stand, and maybe positioning a suitably (appropriate for what you're about to do...) low chair in front of the opening, unless of course, you've remembered to bring kneepads along. At that point, you also need to indicate to the S.S. employee on duty that you're 'interested in meeting some new people', and he/she will make a point of directing guys to the storage area on the far side of your hole. While there are no guarantees of course (and please clearly understand that the management is walking a very fine 'legal tightrope' here; they're trying to facilitate 'good times' while simultaneously 'turning a blind eye', in the interest of keeping the Crown off their backs), with any luck, you'll soon find cock aftercock after cock emerging through that hole in a sort of 'all-you-can-suck buffet'. At least, that's how it's supposed to work - on a holiday Monday evening, we only had one 'customer' over a two hour span – on the bright side though, that inactivity afforded us the opportunity to have an extended ‘chat’ with B., the owner, a friendly and warm individual who quickly made us feel comfortable and welcome, and addressed all of our concerns/questions in a patient and thorough manner. The staff was quick to assure us that we had come on an unusually slow night, and that we'd probably have better future (suck)cess if we called them a day or two in advance so they could 'put the word out' to their 'regulars'. Alternately, you can advise people of an upcumming visit using this forum (as Kinkybicpldoes...), or on your ad (which SwingShift does on their hugely-popular AdultFriendFinder profile, at least when the infamous 'Velvet' is available...), or possibly both, which we intend to do, in the hope of getting the biggest possible turnout. If you prefer the ‘laid back’ approach, another choice is to simply leave your room’s door partly open, which is a signal to others that you might be interested in having ‘company’. Guys (although this may apply to couples as well…) then pay the ‘house’ 5$ for the right to join you, which could lead to the wonderfully promiscuous scenario in which one of you ‘entertains’ at the ‘glory hole’, while your partner has fun with the ‘walk in traffic’. Ideally, that’s what we’re aiming for the next time we go, but we’re just not sure how much cumtwo people can swallow. Care to help us find out? Now if you're not the self-conscious type, S.S. also offers a couple of theatres for your viewing pleasure - one (ten seat) 'gay' and one (eighteen seat) 'bi' - access to either or both (you can move freely between them...) will cost you 10$ and you can select that option independently of buying a room, if you prefer that 'scene'. Since we're a F/M couple, and women aren't allowed in the 'gay' area, our exploration was limited to the 'bi' theatre. We spent a grand total of ten minutes there, in the company of four or five guys, but since we weren't comfortable with that setting, we opted for a room, which S.S. provided gratis since we were 'newbies' and a certain amount of indecision was to be expected. While we didn't manage to see it for ourselves, apparently sexual activity is fully condoned in that area as well, though it seems unlikely that you'd ever see anything other than blowjobs happening there, due mainly to the challenges posed by trying to balance on portable chairs while doing anything more ambitious than sucking cock. If you're lightweight, have fantasticbalance, and are most definitely not shy then go for it!!! Otherwise, stick with the rooms, or check out M4 in Toronto on a Wednesday or Sunday night - you'll find lots of 'bi' guys there too, the setting's far more comfortable and 'upscale' (without being pretentious...), and it's free for couples on those nights (single guys pay 40$). In conclusion, SwingShift offers a very enjoyable experience, at least for ‘bi’ guys, and is a screaming bargain at that. The mood is a bit tawdry and down-at-the-edges, but if all you’re searching for is a nice selection of cocks to suck, you should be well-served. You just need to bear in mind that it’s clearly a place that was set up mainly by (‘bi’?) ‘bi’ guys for ‘bi’ guys, and as such, the atmosphere reflects those sensibilities. It’s also worth remembering that you get what you pay for. Women visiting this place in hopes of receiving pleasure may be disappointed; none of the furniture that we noticed seems to be at all suitable for pussy-eating, much less (as mentioned previously…) fucking. Those activities are certainly possible, just not with any great degree of comfort. We hope you enjoyed our ‘review’ and welcome your comments. Perhaps we’ll see some of you later…

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    • August 17, 2013 1:13:28 PM EDT
    • Adult Theatre Sex

      There's a Toronto psychologist who writes all the time about adult theater sex. She writes of her personal experiences. She always talks about the psychology of her activities. Here's a link to one of her lectures.



    • August 17, 2013 1:34:21 PM EDT
    • Adult Theatre Sex

      Hi SexiSoozie, thank you for the link. Actually , we know this lady quite well. She writes under the name Galanga and we have reposted three or four of her very good articles on this site. Also you have brought to my attention that we should really create a forum for doggers. It's become such a well liked sport beyond it's British origin.


      Here's the link



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    • August 18, 2013 9:43:57 AM EDT
    • Adult Theatre Sex

      Here are 3 links to websites for adult theatres that I found in my bookmarks. The best one in my opinion is a fellow who goes by the name Dr. Emilio Lizardo, he's a fellow after my own heart. A real sex theatre enthusiast who's made a study of porn theatres the way some cooks research food recipes.
      I can well believe that cruisin' the aisles of porn palaces across North America is sustenance to this man.

      Here are the links:

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