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    • September 8, 2013 10:40:29 AM EDT
    • 3-Some Encounter.

      First I felt a hard cock brush my buttocks, teasingly searching for my entrance, then a shifting of weight and I could feel it starting to probe. I tried to buck again but now I was being allowed no movement. The cap was pressing on the lips of my anus, a moment’s pause and then the penetration, confident, unhurried, a thrusting rhythm helping to press it home between my involuntary contractions. I gasped at the feel of it pushing apart the walls of my anus. I was aware of his wife watching intently. 


      It felt much larger inside me than I had expected. It pushed deeper still and I felt as though I would explode, again I tried to struggle this time with even greater urgency but uselessly against the vice-like hold. I titter of female amusement, pointing to my crotch and I realised with shame that I was now erect myself offering uncontrollable validation as I was being buggered. Having found my pleasure point he started to exploit it, holding me tight and fucking me deeply, rhythmically, using his throbbing male shaft to invade my intimacy, expertly forcing my body to respond, bringing me to inevitable climax and ejaculation to the sound of amused giggles.


      Enveloped in shame, resigned to my fate, all I now wished was for it to end, no longer offering any resistance. My dominator now confident in his total control, free to manoeuver me into the best positions for full penetration, trying each out for the most pleasurable access, experienced in the use of a male captive until he gave way to grunts of effort and excitement his prize almost taken. Then, finally, his thrusts rising to a furious climax he released his load, spurting it deep inside me before he relaxed his full weight resting onto my back letting out a satisfied sigh.

      As I lay there, motionless under his weight a look of pain surged across my face as the walls of my anus, rubbed raw by my dominator’s hard unrelenting cock began to pulsate with agony, an elegantly manicured hand reached out and patted my head again. Gently she rolled me over onto my back, lifted her skirt above her knees, placing a foot either side of my waist, waiting there for some moments allowing me a full view of her stocking tops and knickers.  Then in one abrupt movement she squatted down on top of me, straddling my face with her ample bottom. I scarcely had time to experience her scented musk before she lifted the crotch of her knickers to one side exposing her excited vulva and kissed my lips with hers.


      This time I offered no resistance, perhaps because of the tenderness she had shown me, perhaps to defer any more brutal attentions from her male partner.   I slid the tip of my tongue up inside her passage, already wet with desire, and started to seek out her most sensitive spots. Her hips began to squirm with pleasure as slowly I learnt to please her. Her round mature bottom now settled firmly over my face my universe was confined to her musky scents, her flow of sexual juices, and her cries of approval as my tongue sought to please her.

      A few moments’ pause as the pressure of her ample bottom was lifted, she leant forward and settled again this time to offer her anus for my attention. Baulking at this fresh humiliation in front of the audience which I knew would still be watching, I hesitated, my tongue withdrawn back inside my mouth. But I was in the hands of experienced captors. She reached out one hand, placing her fingers gently around my balls and started to squeeze, slowly at first. Taking care not to inflict pain unnecessarily she increased the pressure gradually so as to seek that point of compliance and no more. 

      But of course I knew there would be no stopping point until I complied. Reluctantly I released my tongue and started to lick the lips of her anus. She leant forward a little using both hands to spread her buttocks opening her passage to my tongue. Little-by-little I began to probe until I was pleasing her deep inside just as I had done with her vagina moments before. A release of my aching balls followed by a giggle of triumph indicated to all her success. And then she settled back bouncing gently to help my tongue with its work interspersed from time to time with a contended sigh.

      Abruptly her bottom was lifted from my face, allowing me to breathe freely at last. I could see that she had been helped up by her husband. With a wicked smile one hand was slowly tracing the crease of his trousers upwards from his knee until she could feel his growing erection through the material of his trousers, tracing its lengthening shape for a few moments before gently sliding down the zipper and reaching inside. Taking her time, teasing and playing, eventually she withdrew her manicured fingers, drawing his stiff cock out into the open. She slapped him sharply in the face and with a grimace he grabbed her bottom, pushed his cock inside her forcing her off her feet up against the wall and started to fuck her forcefully to her self-evident pleasure. Gripping him around the waist with both her strong thighs she pulled him closer to her, a look of ecstasy spreading over her face. 

      Withdrawing for a moment, his pulsating cock now covered in her juices throbbing in my face, he pushed her to the ground, forced her thighs back towards her chest and entered her anew. I could only watch this demonstration of male power, my own cock still flaccid from my own previously forced orgasm.

      Eventually they both came in combined shrieking climax and subsided again in sighs of mutual appreciation.  After a few moments she leant over, manoeuvring her partners’ semi-flaccid cock towards me before placing one hand behind my head and drawing my lips onto the tip.

      Forcing my head back I started to struggle furiously against this brutal humiliation only to find two strong male hands grabbing my wrists and a female hands gently reaching down and starting to squeeze my balls. Struggling hopelessly I tried my best to withstand the paid as my testicles were slowly squeezed until my inevitable moment of submission by a yelped ok. Even that was not enough so I dropped my head in shame, taking his cock deep into my mouth. Obediently I started to suck it clean of her vaginal juices as he smiled in contentment at the feel of my tongue gently rasping against the skin of his quickly softening cock. Released a few times so she could check my progress my mouth was quickly directed back to lick any remaining drops.

      Once finished in that task, my male master now pulled my head roughly into her crotch where I could see dribbles of his sperm splattered the lips of her vulva, indicating that I should now lick her clean. Tentatively I began to lick each goblet in turn until she pushed her hips forward into my face using her hands to pull her thighs further apart forward so I could seek out the sticky residue of his ejaculation deep inside her vagina. Her muscles now soft in post coital relaxation as she chatted with her partner exchanging sexual small-talk as I continued my work until, at last I was released. 

    • September 10, 2013 6:47:16 AM EDT
    • 3-Some Encounter.

      I have moved this thread to the erotic stories section where it belongs. Hope you don't mind

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