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    • September 6, 2014 6:55:31 PM EDT
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      Pondered a moment later,cheap coach, Zheng Xiao decided to conduct screening,coach handbags, first learned of several major features. This is the flight of several items in the takeoff, flight and landing, combat use of several basic items of weapons, communications and other basic functions of several, if have mastered driving transport spacecraft to Oakley fly back to base camp QINGTANG should be no problem a. Thus, Zheng Xiao, an on headlong into these contents, began the tedious and boring learning. Although there is no command Xiao Zheng, but intelligent computers, transport spaceship along a preset path smooth flight, is generally not the problem.

      Hui Qing Tong Village base to go,coach outlet, Tau town is the only way, so transportation was greeted on a spaceship, Tau town straight away. What is that thing ? Someone saw a UFO Tau town, could not help but exclaimed, pointing to the increasingly close hand the huge disc-shaped flying objects, hoarse shouting. For a time, the whole cow town were shocked, people are attracted to this sudden appearance of strange things have been out of the house, looked up and head towards the sky looked, could not issue a surprised cry.

      After all, do not know what this is a strange thing, if what is dangerous stuff how to do, and that is not on the dangerous Tau town ? With this idea, some people from home to fetch a candle offerings, began placed incense began to worship ; while another group of people who conveniently look for his own weapon, ready to resist. Meanwhile, the Devils have found this unusual situation, coach bags tense mobilize the troops, some of the heavy machine guns moved to the town of mouth, and also the only four pricey machine gun also set up good, muzzle pointing fly to the UFO, well prepared to fight.

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